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Using technology to engage older adults in activities to enable them to explore, express, engage.


To create an engagement platform where individuals can explore, express, engage.

Help Age India Shows that over 10% of India's 100 million elderly suffer from depression and 53% of elderly face neglect.​ According to the study done by Agewell Foundation,

1 in every 2 senior citizens is suffering from loneliness.

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Our Story


Your Space ensures that Champions - individuals above the age of 50, indulge in online interactive activities. Creating a community of older adults through the medium of tech based engagement program.

We have curated customised online clubs for citizen to explore, express and engage with like minded peers. 

Your Space aims to impact 138 million older adults by 2030 throughout India









Creating an engagement platform using technology to engage older adults in activities to enable them to

explore, express, engage.


“YOUR SPACE” is an online engagement platform for individuals above the age of 50 with fun and mind-calming activities - Karaoke, Dance, Art, Peer groups, Meditation, Bookclub, and many more. A new year calls for a new chance to do the mundane things with a twist! 2020 has been a tough one and more so for the elderly people be it mentally, physically or emotionally. Join us on our journey to enable grown-ups to reconnect with themselves and other young-minded adults.

Meet the Team


"Before COVID -19 came, I spent every other weekend visiting family

& friends and now I can't really visit at all.

I miss conversing with people, listening to the stories, watching movies, and of course take out.

When I enrolled myself for YourSpace, it felt alien at first but I'm happy to say we ended up smiling because I was able to make friends, and we still get to be in touch, even if it's at distance."

                                                                                         -Pankaj Kumar


"I'm a single parent and my children were far of, I spent everyday trying to find a way to get involved with various tasks but it became difficult.

I miss going out, going for walks, going to prayer meets and morning gatherings for elderly members.

At YourSpace, it felt I was alive again, the sessions were fun and interactive, It allowed me to share my life stories and listen to others. Overall it was a beautiful experience.."

                                                                                            - Shoba Mathew


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